Ban Termites from your Home

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When it comes to the damage they can wreak, few household pests are quite as dangerous as termites. Considering their tiny size, they really pack quite a wallop when it comes to the damage that they are able to inflict.

What Damage can they Do?

Termites, like other pests, need a suitable environment and a good source of food in order to survive. The interior wooden structure of your home creates an ideal environment for termites to infest.

They can go for years undetected and undisturbed eating away the structure of your home leaving little, if any evidence, until the problem is quite advanced.

Aside from the expense of fixing structural damage, your family will be endangered in a home that has been structurally weakened.

They could also cause problems in your garden by snacking on trees.

Although wood is their favourite food source, they have also been known to eat paper and can also get stuck into your home’s insulation.

The Bottom Line

These are pests that everyone would rather see homeless. Aside from the physical damage to your property, the thought of something eating your house from the inside out is quite off-putting.

Dealing with Termites

The best cure, as always, is prevention. It is advisable to have a professional pest control company come in and inspect the property at least once a year. Not only will they know exactly what to look for, they will also be able to advise you on potential problem areas in your home.

A professional uses a combination of experience and technology to thoroughly check your home – in some cases they even use specially trained dogs to sniff out termites. Once regular pest inspections are put in place, you can rest assured that your home is protected from serious termite damage.

Beating termites is generally a case of keeping them out of your home and a large part of that is simple common sense.

Experts will advise you to keep your yard as clear of dead wood as possible. You will also be advised to ensure that there is no woodpile or tree in direct contact with your home. Making sure that cracks and gaps leading from the exterior to the inside are sealed off is one of the most important tips.

Further to that, it is important to keep the humidity levels down in the less used areas of your home. This means dealing with leaky pipes immediately and making sure that all areas of your house – even crawl spaces – are properly ventilated.

When all is said and done, following the advice of the experts is the surest way to keep your home safe, so find out more about pest inspection by clicking here.