Controlling Pests in the Home

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Pest control is an important part of maintaining hygiene in your home. There are various types of pests and they all have one thing in common – they can all carry diseases. When and how to control the various types of pests can be a bit of a tough question.

When to Use Pest Control?

The simple answer to this question is that you need to make use of pest control services whenever you have a bad pest problem. However, pest control is more effective when you take a preventative approach rather than dealing with it when it becomes a problem.

There is a lot you can do to prevent a pest problem from taking hold.

Cut off the Food Supply

Pests have the same basic needs that we do – they need food, shelter and water. Make sure that any sources of food are difficult to get to. In your kitchen, make sure that food is properly stored in air-tight containers that pests cannot get into.

Make sure to clean up any food spills on the counter and make sure that your rubbish bin is properly secured and completely closed.

A lot of pests can also make a meal out of things that we would not consider food – such as books, paste and other items. You cannot wrap all your books in plastic but you can make sure to take them out regularly so that pests inside are not left undisturbed.

Cut off the Water Supply

Pests all need water and many will choose to nest in areas that are more damp and humid. You need to ensure that any leaky taps are quickly fixed and that you keep all areas in your home as dry as possible. Don’t forget the crawl spaces and other places not often inspected or used – these are ideal places for pests to set up camp.

Pests want an Undisturbed Home

Pests like to make their homes in places that see little traffic – often only coming out to find food. By making regular inspections, you make it more difficult for pests to settle in.

Cut off Access Routes

Also be sure to make it more difficult for pests to gain access to your home. This means closing up as many holes to the outside as far as possible and to make sure that you keep debris away from your home and windows.

Make sure that wood piles are stored away from the house and that trees and branches are not touching your home. Clean up garden refuse as well.

Prevention is a lot better than cure when it comes to pest control so be sure to follow these simple guidelines.