Dealing with Fleas

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When it comes to spring and summer, we all look forward to the warmer weather. Unfortunately, so do fleas and other insects.

What Causes Fleas in the Home?

Fleas are introduced to the home via some form of carrier. Most often, fleas are carried indoors on the pelts of our pets. Pets can pick them up from other animals or even from the environment outside.

Fleas can also be brought in by people – they can become attached to your skin, your clothes or in your luggage.

Fleas, once introduced to the home, can prove to be difficult to eradicate and you may need the services of professional pest control services to solve this problem.

Dealing with Fleas

Dealing with fleas involves consistency and patience. There are a number of flea medicines out there and they all work in different ways. Some kill the live fleas, some kill their eggs and others make it impossible for fleas to reproduce at all.

You will need to treat your home, paying special attention to where the fleas are concentrated. Pets’ bedding is a favourite hiding place for fleas.

You will need to thoroughly vacuum your home and make sure that there are as few places for fleas to hide as possible. Make sure that unnecessary clutter is removed and air your pets’ bedding every day.

You will need to choose which method you will employ to kill the fleas. You will have to treat your pets but you must be careful as to how you do this – use a specially designed flea medicine.

You can ask your vet for advice on both short- and long-term treatment plans.

You will also need to watch where your pets play – try to avoid animals that are already flea-infested and steer clear of areas where they may have previously picked up fleas.

You can apply poison to your pets’ bedding and other hot zones but be sure that it is safe for you, your family and your pets to do so.

If the problem is quite severe, you should consider bringing in Soft Touch Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control in order to deal with it properly and effectively.

Soft Touch Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control will help to eradicate the problem as quickly as possible. They will give you ideas on how to minimize the chances of a recurrence in future.

When it comes to the health and safety of your family, you need to deal with fleas as quickly and effectively as possible. Although flea bites seem to be little more than a nuisance, you should remember that fleas can also carry disease.

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