How to Select a Reliable Carpet Cleaning Company

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Let’s face it. There are a few options when it comes to which company you might select to clean your carpets and soft furnishings.

It can be a daunting consideration for some. So, short of closing your eyes and pointing at the yellow pages or newspaper to see who comes up, how do you choose the right man for the job?

The first and probably most reliable way to select a trustworthy, reliable operator is to go for someone who has longevity in the industry. If you see the same ads in the paper week in week out, you know that guy has been around a while.

It can be a surprise package to go for someone who has just popped up in the classifieds. Certainly, there is little possibility of checking references, receiving referrals from friends and locals or even knowing what experience the newest kid on the block brings with him or her.

If the operators have any industry certification ie; Safety Data Sheets and Safety Equipment if required.

You may rest assured that this operator knows the business inside out and is dedicated to correct procedure for stain removal.

What You See is What You Get

As the industry leaders, reliable steam cleaning specialists Soft Touch Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control offer absolutely superb service.

When you take advantage of their skills in hot water extraction or steam cleaning you can relax knowing your carpets will be cleaned without the use of harmful chemicals.

Not many people realise this powerful method used to remove ingrained dirt and debris must be balanced perfectly to achieve the best results. It is important to have the temperature of the water just right. Too hot and your carpet could end up matted or may even melt, too cold and you don’t get your carpet cleaned at all.

Difficult to remove stains are their specialty. They can even get rid of unpleasant odours and pet smells that linger in the pile.

To top it all off they offer a free deodorising service.

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