Imagine Working 24/7

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They say that termites or white ants are responsible for eating their way through six billion tonnes of plant matter each year. By doing this, they are actually assisting in the natural cycle of deterioration. The increased deterioration speed aids the increase in rapid new growth.

They will feast tirelessly, ridding us of the world’s rotting matter, and they never sleep. Can you imagine working 24/7? What an amazing feat.

This is not something that Soft Touch Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control want to introduce to their team full time but we are available to help with emergencies 24/7! It is probably not surprising to know that there are more termites in the world then humans.

Did you know they have been around for at least 250 billion years? That means they have survived dinosaurs, meteors, and the ice age.

The Modern Age

With the progress of building new communities there comes a cost. Gone are the trees and bushland a termite can feast on. The modern age has provided them with neat 3 and 4 bedroom homes, some with a spa and pool!

White ants just love warmth and when it is coupled with moisture they are in heaven. Statistics say that termites live in every one in four homes in Australia. The horrifying news is that any damage they cause is not insurable.

Stay Alert

Things to which you should be alert are windows or doors that may suddenly become tight and hard to open. If this is a regularly recurring issue during the wet season you may be able to relax a little but if doors that don’t usually stick start sticking, it’s a good idea to investigate.

The sticking may be caused by the mud nests that white ants make with their own excrement. These tunnels will run under the surface of the timber and cannot help but cause it to swell. Hence the sticking door or window.

During a really hot season, coupled with wet and humidity and then the reverse of the coin – the cold winter nights, pests, just like humans and animals, will scurry to their favourite spot in the house.

What Can You Do To Help Yourself

In an effort to keep your home pest free try our simple tips:-

  • Don’t stack firewood against or under your home.
  • Don’t stack anything else against or under your home for long periods of time.
  • Mulch gardens near your home with rock or pebble instead of bark.
  • Keep an eye out for the distinctive mud trails on brick that may lead to weeper holes.
  • Keep the yard free of debris.