Importance Of Maintenance And Cleaning

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Soft Touch Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control pride ourselves on our hardworking and efficient equipment. You can imagine that being commercial cleaning specialists, our machines get to see their fair share of dirty, stained carpets.

Stains of all kinds, whether they be caused by dirty feet, animals, spills of red wine, coffee, ink, or oil stains, gum, flood waters and more, have all travelled in and out of our existence many times over.

One of the essential steps to us achieving and maintaining the high level of service we offer is to ensure we regularly clean our powerful top of the line machinery. Ensuring that all debris and particles are removed from the machine will not only deliver a far better clean, time and time again, but also extend the life of the machine itself.

The other important step we take with our machines is to have them maintained and serviced at regular intervals. This allows us the opportunity to examine seals, et cetera. and pinpoint what a machine may require before it requires it, thus reducing downtime and disappointment.

Cleaning Your Way

Whatever size or type of job you have we are able to provide the right equipment for the job.

Soft Touch Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control offer:

Steam cleaning;

Carpet shampooing; and

Stain Removal.

Once our qualified staff members have inspected the area that requires attention they are able to prescribe the right treatment to achieve the desired result. No job is too big or small.

The Right Product at the Right Price

The added bonus to our services is that each treatment we provide uses the best and most environmentally friendly products available.

They do not possess any offensive or lingering smells.

They are completely biodegradable.

They are self neutralising.

They do not leave any sticky residue.

This is great news for those sensitive members in your family such as asthma sufferers.

To cap off our magnificent service we follow it up with a free deodorising treatment that is designed not to irritate We promise!

Home or Office

The next time you need to have your carpets cleaned or have that pesky stain removed from your home or office, give us a call.

We can arrange an obligation free quote and carry out your cleaning and pest control requests according to, and at, your convenience.