Keep Furnishings Smelling As Fresh As A Daisy

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We have discovered along our cleaning journey that many people out there do not realise that it is just as important to keep your upholstery items clean, such as lounge suites and dining chair fabric, as it is your carpet. Even more so when you consider the hard work that these items do.

The lounge suite certainly receives just as much “traffic” as your floor coverings do. Just from a different part of your body!

Consider the current South East Queensland heat wave that we have experienced of late. You have probably become overheated and begun to sweat. When you sit on your lounge chair the sweat is then transferred to it. Over time, this sweat will build up with anything else that may settle on it such as pet hair, grime, moisturisers, crumbs from the children’s snacks. You get the idea.

Over time you may even start to notice a manky smell coming from these soft furnishings. This is not surprising when you consider what may be deposited on them.

Allergies Can Be Aggravated

Any type of organic matter or protein that is left behind can become a food source for some pretty interesting critters.

Dust mites may be your most likely suspects but you can’t rule out microbes making a happy home in the creases and crevices along with the loose change.

These two things alone can cause an allergy sufferer to become quite miserable. If you or someone in your family is sensitive in any way such as having asthma, eczema, or a low immune system this could be the doorway to a serious infection.

High Powered Cleaning

The other thing we have discovered along our journey is that most people do not realise Soft Touch Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control can help you resolve all these issues for you.

Yes, we clean soft furnishings such as sofas, cushions and chair coverings as well.

We use the most environmentally friendly cleaning system available on the market to ensure the safety of you and your family as well as ourselves.

Our experienced operators understand the fine ratio between water and cleaner that is required to clean and deodorise your sofa and cushions without saturating them.

When you treat your carpets and your furniture you will understand what we mean by smelling fresh as a daisy.

Everything will smell so fresh and clean you will not want anyone to sit down.