Keeping your Home Pest Free

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We all know that pests in the home need somewhere to hide and a food source in order to survive. Most of us clean up our kitchen counters, etc. with this is mind. We freak out if we see a cockroach. What about the bugs that we simply cannot see such as dust mites? These can be more dangerous to our health than cockroaches and are more insidious because we simply do not see them. Cleanliness is one of the keys to keeping their numbers in control but the average householder simply does not have the requisite equipment to do so effectively. That is why professional carpet cleaning and pest control go hand in hand.

The reason for this is simple – dust mites tend to live in carpets and especially love the under-felt section of the carpet. If you have ever had carpets removed, you will be able to attest to the amount of dust and debris present underneath them – this is present even if you vacuum daily. Vacuuming simply is not enough to completely get rid of dust mites because it really only works on the surface of the carpet and misses the dirt that gets tracked into the layers underneath.

This dirt provides the ideal environment for dust mites. You may be wondering why dust mites, especially if unseen, should be such a problem – the fact is that the dust mites themselves are not really a problem but a lot of people are allergic to their dander. This builds up over time and causes varying degrees of illness in those susceptible. The scary thing is that the build-up can cause you to develop allergies over time as well so it is best to deal with it quickly and effectively.

Minimising the allergens is all about keeping the carpet clean. The only way to be one hundred per cent sure is not to walk on the carpet at all. This is not practical for anyone. Try to get everyone into the habit of leaving dirty shoes outside or properly wiping shoes before coming in. Carpets should be vacuumed regularly and should also be deep cleaned regularly.

As mentioned before, deep cleaning is best performed by the professionals and it has been said by a pest control expert that deep cleaning is one of the most effective ways to safeguard against dust mites. It is also a process that requires specialised equipment and chemicals. The chemicals need an expert to apply them properly so that the carpet is not damaged and the equipment that they use is powerful enough to pull dirt out from the very deepest layers of the carpet.

On the whole, professional carpet cleaning is well worth the investment when you consider not only the longevity of your carpet but also the impact on your family’s health.