No More Doggy Done It!

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If you are a family that has a pet you understand that your pet is a family member. You love them like children or siblings and spend a lot of time with them.
They offer solace in times of grief or sickness and are always ready to cheer you up with a game of stick or a cuddle on the couch.

The downside is that sometimes they do not understand that doing their business inside the house on the floor is not acceptable. To them that spot in the corner where they continue to urinate in is their spot! Humans have their spot and they have theirs.

Why Don’t They Go Outside!

Here are some ideas of the why of where a pet chooses to go.

Perhaps they can smell where a previous resident’s pet has gone and they are marking it as their territory now.

It may be that they select this spot if they are unable to get outside to do their business. Installing a dog/cat flap is a great place to start.

One deterrent that may help is to put a pot plant or something equally capable of being urinated on, over the spot so they get the idea to go somewhere else.

In the case of a dog this may help, especially with a bit of dedicated time and encouragement to get them to do the right thing and use the doggy flap.

In the case of a cat perhaps you could try putting their litter in the spot where they like to go. There are some great litter trays on the market now; they look like pot plants, et cetera, so that they do not stand out as to what their purpose is.

Getting Rid of the Scent

Getting rid of the scent can be a tricky exercise. The scent from animal urine might last a long time. Even long after a human can no longer smell it, an animal can. Certainly, if you are trying to encourage your pet to go outside, it is essential to remove the scent so they get the idea that it is not an appropriate spot.

Some types of commercial cleaners only mask the scent by adding chemicals or soap over the top of it, which may encourage an animal to “re mark” its territory.

Hygienic carpet cleaning experts, Soft Touch Carpet Cleaning, do not use soaps or nasty chemicals to clean carpets so there is no nasty residue left to irritate your pet’s nose or your own nose.