Take the Strain out of Stained Carpets

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When refurbishing a new home, decisions have to be made regarding what type of floor covering will be most practical. Kitchens and dining rooms generally get fitted with tiles. However, many home owners tend to opt for the luxurious look and feel carpets for lounges and bedrooms.

However, no matter how much care has been taken to keep carpets spic and span, there comes a time when they have to be cleaned. This is especially true if owners have pets that live inside. Cats and dogs, if not trained, can turn a home into their personal playground, leaving behind mud, stains and animal hairs in every room.

This is where decisions have to be made regarding how to clean stained or dirty carpets. You can clean your carpets with branded detergent cleaners from a supermarket. Although this is a cheap carpet cleaning method, you can’t be guaranteed that the results will meet your expectations. Camryn N, a busy housewife and mother, claims, “I thought I could save money by cleaning my carpets on my own. Unfortunately, after I finished the job, I noticed that there were light and dark patches on my carpets and they looked worse than before. Then someone suggested that I try Soft Touch Carpet Cleaning. This carpet cleaning service came into my home and performed a really professional job”.

Soft Touch Carpet Cleaning, however, is not only a carpet cleaning service. It also provides expert rug and upholstery cleaning. Their expert cleaners provide one of the most competent carpet cleaning services in the Brisbane area. The company only uses products that are excellent for carpets and, at the same time, they are kind to the environment.

A spokesperson for Soft Touch claims, “We use only natural products that don’t irritate the skin or aggravate ailments such as asthma”.

This impressive carpet cleaning service only uses high quality cleaning machines and natural carpet cleaners. Before use, the cleaning equipment and cleaning materials are inspected in order to supply the most successful results.

All carpeted rooms receive a thorough cleaning. Carpet cleaning with Soft Touch gives special attention to ink, paint and rust stains. At the same time, oil, grease and gum are safely removed, as well as the usual dried liquid stains such as spilt wine and coffee. Soft Touch deodorises the carpets, which leaves your home smelling delightfully fresh and clean.

Furthermore, the company doesn’t only specialise in carpet cleaning. As its name implies, Soft Touch Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control http://www.softtouchcarpetcleaning.com.au/ takes care of pest problems. In fact, it is the leading supplier of home pest management in Brisbane.

No doubt the company’s slogan, “Gentle on carpets, tough on pests”, is a perfect description of Soft Touch’s expertise.