The Right Tools for the Job

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Professional carpet steam cleaning companies use specialised and heavy-duty machines that really allow for a deep clean of the carpets. Dirt and allergens are whisked away. Even if you vacuum your carpets every day, there is still a lot of dirt and dust that gets trampled into the fibres.

This is only lifted by deep cleaning – usually with steam – and, for most of us, the machines that can really do the job properly are too expensive to purchase.

The Expertise

The flip side of carpet cleaning is that the powerful chemicals and steam cleaning can damage delicate carpet fibres. For that reason, it is essential to leave the deep cleaning to experts – they will know about the various types of carpet fabrics and exactly how to clean them.

Why Deep Clean at All?

A carpet that is vacuumed regularly will generally look pretty good and clean. You may not see the value in having the carpets deep-cleaned. That said, it should be remembered that dirt, allergens and mould can build up in the lower layers of the carpet and can end up making your family very ill.

The vacuum is simply not strong enough to remove these deeply-seated allergens and dirt – if you have ever seen a carpet pulled up, you will be able to attest to the amount of dirt underneath it.

The second advantage is that your carpets will be refreshed after the deep cleaning and that removing this layer of dirt will actually keep your carpets looking good for longer. Whilst carpets may seem clean, they develop, over time, a grimier look. Deep cleaning removes this and refreshes the nap of the carpet at the same time.

Your carpet will look refreshed and new and the stains will be removed as far as possible.

Time Saved

You could shampoo your carpet and you could even rent a steam cleaning machine but doing it yourself will take a lot longer than a professional job would.

Furthermore, drying your carpet after you have cleaned it yourself takes a lot longer. Professionals use machines that are so powerful that they suck almost every drop of water out of the carpet – a result that you cannot hope to emulate.

In all, considering that you really only need to get your carpets deep-cleaned once a year, can you afford to not have it done by a professional?